Duane Frame

Once in a great while, a soloist comes down the Gospel Highway, that catches your attention and you quickly become a fan and listener.

One of those soloists, is Duane Frame from Ravenna, Ohio, he not only presents the Gospel in Song, but his "real" personality and testimony shines through in his concerts as well as in recordings!.

Born and raised In Charleston, West Virginia, and as a young child, went to Revivals, Camp Meetings and Gospel Concerts. The gospel concerts, captivated him with all of the gospel groups and singers and he wanted to become one!.

Well as destiny and God's plan would have it. Indeed, he became a gospel singer and a very good one at that. Duane's Mother, was very instrumental in Duane's Christian life as well as supporting him in his gospel singing efforts.

Duane, met the lady of his dreams by the name of Susie, after a court ship, they finally married and settled down in Ravenna, Ohio and the Lord has blessed them with two sons James and Matthew.

Susie, James and Matthew are a wonderful support team to Duane's Music Ministry as well as a quality Family unit!.

Duane, has had songs to hit the charts in various areas of the country and around the world!. He has recorded projects one a "Family Project" called "Above All" and the latest being "He Touched Me". All of the projects, would enhance anyone's Southern Gospel Music Library!.

A new project is in the planning stages and it will be another great one also. Duane, is studying in Theology in his spare time. Doors, are constantly opening for him to present his Gospel Music Ministry.

Duane, is a "real" individual, that is totally dedicated to God, he loves people from all walks of life and is prepared to take his Ministry to wherever and to whomever, he can share it with.

Duane, His beautiful wife Susie and his two handsome sons James and Matthew are one of the most beautiful Christian Families, you will ever meet.

I personally recommend Duane Frame and his Music Ministry to any Pastor, Music Minister, Festival/Event Coordinator and Promoters as it would be worth the time to contact Duane for your Special Service or Event, to have quality Christian Entertainment as well as Ministry!.

I also encourage you to order all of his recordings as it would be money well spent and you would receive hours of listening enjoyment
and blessings.

Also, email or call your favorite Southern Gospel Station (Internet Also) and request his songs.

They are a "Featured" Ministry of WETB Radio Station out of Johnson City, Tennessee!!

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